Web application development


Turnkey development

Turnkey development

We address sophisticated business requirements and needs with custom web solutions built from scratch, bringing in unmatched productivity and efficiency into existing operations.



Taking advantage of out-of-the-box capabilities of third-party wordpresss, we introduce tailored web apps to help our customers shorten time-to-market and expand faster.



Intosoft unifies applications and components into a cohesive ecosystem, ensuring organization-wide availability and integrity of data, processes, and workflows.

Consumer apps

Intosoft engineers make the modern tech easily accessible for end customers, bringing highly personalized and engaging experiences through user-centered applications and tools.

  • Ecommerce
  • Social networking & communication
  • Personal productivity
  • Self-service applications
  • Content management & delivery
  • User engagement
  • Customer experience management

Enterprise apps

With a focus on performance and security, we build business-specific web solutions that optimize operations at all levels, providing your company with new opportunities to scale and grow.

  • Document management
  • Executive dashboards
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Fleet management
  • Field force automation
  • Workforce productivity
  • Teamwork & collaboration


Our team takes over design and engineering, supporting your web presence with a great-looking, yet functional visual facade. Empowered by angular Angular and react React, we deliver dynamic and clean frontend solutions for both consumer-facing applications and enterprise-grade tools.


Boasting a strong low-level programming expertise, Intosoft unites disparate services and platforms into a holistic, manageable infrastructure that powers seamless data interchange and app-to-app communication with the help of custom middleware.


We utilize php and php solutions, mobile backends, and high-load systems, enabling a solid architecture for your mission-critical applications. Regardless of the logic behind, we make sure the backbone of your system is scalable, performant, and future-proof.

WordPress solutions

We leverage this leading CMS to help businesses make use of its simplicity and flexibility. Whether you seek to launch a custom wp WordPress app or enhance an existing one, we will deliver an optimized solution that strikes a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and maintainability.


person-years of cumulative experience in ecommerce application development

case image

Online tulip shop

We delivered a high-load WordPress-based online shop for one of the largest tulip distributors in the Netherlands.

Cloud enablement

Cloud-first development

Possessing a rich microservice, Platform-as-a-Service, and DevOps expertise, we develop and deploy cloud-native applications to maximize the added value of the cloud. Be it a simple corporate website or an enterprise-grade system, we provide secure cloud solutions, taking the burden of building and maintaining the infrastructure off your shoulders.

Migration to the cloud

We handle cloud migration of any scope and complexity to enable agility, operational efficiency, and high resource availability of proprietary information systems. Based on the specifics of your business and infrastructure, we will work out the best migration strategy and draft a roadmap, ensuring a smooth and easy transition of your application to the cloud.


Progressive web applications

We build highly responsive progressive web apps to skyrocket the exposure for your products and services, ensuring instant accessibility and native-like browsing experience on any mobile device.

Single page applications

With an efficient JavaScript toolset in our arsenal, we create user-friendly single-page apps that offer consistent and clear UX through dynamic data upload, rapid navigation, and improved performance.

Technology stack

Intosoft experts use industry-proven frameworks and tools, yet continuously explore innovative capabilities and approaches to ensure a robust and reliable technology foundation for your web applications.

HTML5JavaScriptCoffeeScriptTypeScriptSassLessStylusBootstrapFoundationjQueryModernizrBreezehandlebarsRequire JSUnderscore JSKonvaLoAngularReact NativeMarionette JSemberBackbone JSKnockoutExt JSKendoUIDurandaldojo

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