Mobile application development

Native apps

Intosoft develops native mobile applications for iOS and Android, ensuring enhanced user experience, fast performance, and a high degree of reliability.


of our projects are mobile applications


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in native app development


iOS development

We provide full-cycle mobile development services, delivering engaging and feature-rich applications that work well across all Apple devices.

Android development

Leveraging Java and Kotlin, Intosoft creates fast responsive Android applications that offer intuitive design and seamless user experience.


  • Business analysis
  • Requirements engineering
  • Technology mapping


  • Design & development
  • User acceptance testing
  • Application deployment


  • Support & maintenance
  • Functionality enhancement
  • New feature development

Cross-platform apps

Intosoft provides cross-platform development services, delivering apps that operate smoothly while ensuring faster deployment. We leverage xamarin Xamarin and react React Native to deliver cross-platform apps that have an intuitive UI and provide a native look and feel on all platforms they run on.


person-years of cumulative experience in cross-platform application development

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Dairy tracking app

The application which allows to track information for dairy companies and view statistics.

Mobile enablement

android porting

iOS/Android porting

We convert your existing iOS apps to Android and vice versa, retaining their functionality and ensuring that the design and navigation remain intuitive for end users.

legasy migration

Legacy migration

We offer end-to-end migration services, porting your existing legacy applications to the latest technologies, thus ensuring application better performance and further scalability.

mobile extension

Mobile extension

To help you increase your market reach or increase workforce productivity, Intosoft develops easy-to-use iOS and Android apps, extending your existing web and desktop solutions into mobile.

Progressive web applications

We create progressive web apps that can be accessed from any device, ensuring that their users enjoy high performance, and reliability even during flakey or absent connections.

  • Offline support & reliable performance
  • Accessible from desktop & mobile
  • Instant load & no updates required

Single page applications

Intosoft builds responsive single-page apps that load quickly fetching data in the background and require no page reloads, thus providing end-users with enhanced experience.

  • Minimum data load time
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Offline accessibility

Apps for wearables


To improve customer engagement and loyalty, we can either extend your existing iOS application, making it compatible with Apple Watch, or develop a new one from scratch.

Android Wear

We build feature-rich Android Wear apps, enabling your audience to improve personal productivity, receive useful information, and make everyday tasks easier while on the go.


Mobile technologies


For automatic text recognition, image capturing, number plate recognition, and document scanning and processing, we develop mobile apps with OCR capabilities.


We can create live broadcasting applications or integrate live streaming functionality into your existing solutions, ensuring seamless user experience and optimal performance.


We offer NFC-enabled solutions to enable secure, cardless payments and contactless ticketing while ensuring seamless connectivity and interactivity.


We implement beacon solutions that allow you to provide users with targeted, meaningful information based on their current location.

Quality assurance

We have an established process of continually testing our mobile solutions that allows us to ensure the highest quality.

  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing
RequirementsgatheringTest casedevelopmentTest environmentsetupTestexecutionTestreport

UI/UX design

We provide a wide range of UI/UX services for your mobile app endeavor, spanning user research, strategy roadmapping, development of user stories and flows to map the user journey, creation of wireframes and prototypes to validate your app’s concept, and usability & accessibility analysis and enhancement.


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