Our mission is to provide companies with turnkey digital solutions to real-world problems, helping their businesses meet the challenges of our time and become a success through cutting-edge technology.

Iya Nekrasova
Iya Nekrasova, CEO at Intosoft


Intosoft’s executive team combines strong industry experience, talent and professional passion to deliver meaningful results for the clients we work with.

Vadim Konovalov

Vadim Konovalov


Over the last 10 years, Vadim has gained profound experience in the IT industry, focusing on international product and business management. Being a pragmatic, result- and people-oriented professional, he inspires the team around him. Inquisitive by nature, Vadim enjoys challenges and changes, always finding new opportunities to make a client satisfied whilst bring the business to the next level.

Marijn Kuijpers


True passion for technical innovation and more than 10 years devoted to driving the IT business gave Marijn a bird’s eye view on how to transform the needs of Intosoft’s clients into the code. He enjoys combining his business knowledge with the team’s technical skills and domain expertise. Dedicated to software development, at the same time Marijn is a business-oriented professional with earnest approach to work and attention to detail.

Marijn Kuijpers
Iya Nekrasova

Iya Nekrasova


A highly organized strategist, Iya has been managing teams of various sizes for more than 8 years. Her technical background and problem solving skills make her able to see solutions instead of problems. A talented manager, she knows how to attract experienced specialists and inspire them to achieve the best results. Iya attaches great importance to time - her own and that of her business partners. As a result, her top priority is the work done at the highest level of quality and on schedule. Her wide outlook helps Intosoft remain a successful and client-oriented company.

Arseniy Golovnev


Enthusiastic about programming since childhood, Arseniy managed to turn his hobby into a profession. Today, he is a technical guru with 14 years of hands-on experience in software development and architecture design. He possesses strong practical skills in different frameworks and languages, as well as software implementation, including mobile applications, enterprise systems and complex distributed systems for real-time video processing and 3D-rendering.

Arseniy Golovnev

Our values

Our values are our core, reflecting the way we think, the way we work, and the way we achieve the targets set by our clients and employees.

Proactive communication


We believe seamless communication is a driver of success, that is why we pay particular attention to supporting a transparent and effective communication framework on all our projects.

Focus on clients


Prior to taking on any project, we meticulously learn our customers’ requirements and expectations to come up with the most suitable, business-specific solution that would address their needs best.

Experience sharing


We see every project as an invaluable opportunity to acquire new experience and skills, so we carefully gather and document the knowledge received throughout the process, enabling continuous company-wide accumulation of expertise whilst taking care of confidential information.

Partnership support


Here at Intosoft, we aim at building long-term strategic partnerships, where all parties benefit from mutual respect and understanding and manage to find common ground on any challenge or opportunity.



We do our best to make sure that the client and Intosoft, both on the company and team levels, are satisfied with the final result, as well as with the working process itself.


From 2012, Intosoft has been offering the full scope of software development services, leveraging technology excellence to help businesses achieve their strategic objectives. Originally founded in the Netherlands, the company now runs a Dutch delivery office and an R&D center in Belarus, effectively splitting management and development operations between the two states.

For over 7 years we’ve been providing our clients with an opportunity to take advantage of the new tech, accelerating existing operations, tackling sophisticated challenges and uncovering opportunities for sustainable business growth through digital transformation.


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