Flower seedlings

A high-load WordPress-based online shop for one of the largest tulip distributors in the Netherlands.

Project summary


WordPress site


45 days


Wordpress, PHP




2 WordPress developers, 1 Business Analyst, 1 designer, 1 QA engineer


The main goal of the system is to represent client’s business (flower seedlings store) on internet.

Typical flow

The system should provide ability to track following flow:

  • generate landing pages for SMM using photos from product pages adding the ability to buy with one click.
  • Encourage decision-making with product pages optimized for photos
  • Easy checkout using PayPal
  • Ability to track order in client area
  • E-mail marketing functionality

System entities


The main system entity is Case. Case by itself means situation when a client decides to order flower seedlings. From the perspective of the system, Case is combination of Client, Order and Staff. Also at any moment of the time, Case have following properties:

  • Staff: a person who is expected to perform some actions.
  • State: property that clarifies status of the request. It can be one of following values: New (order waiting for shipment), Shipped (order on the way to customer), Finalized (order receipt confirmed) or Lost (not delivered at time).


Client entity represents real person that decided to get an order. Each such person must be described in the system with several basic properties: first/last name, phone, mail, address.


Staff is a person with an ability to sign in and perform following activities:

  • Check orders status and payment and move them through states.
  • Participate with customer if needed.
  • Send marketing campaigns by e-mail

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