Custom software development


Turnkey development

End-to-end development

Experienced in multiple technology stacks and domains, we deliver tailored solutions that help growing businesses and enterprises tackle sophisticated challenges and ambitious goals through increased performance and flexibility.

Turnkey development

Software customization

Our team adapts ready-made software systems, both commercial and open-source, to specific business requirements and workflows, allowing companies to achieve process automation and efficiency at a reasonable cost.

Turnkey development

UI/UX design

Drawing on proven design and usability practices derived from both industry and personal experience, Intosoft builds professional UI/UX solutions that enable customer-centric, captivating digital journeys on any platform or device.

Turnkey development

Systems integration

We engineer custom connectors and interfaces for enterprise platforms and third-party services, turning heterogeneous IT infrastructures into a well-integrated, centralized environment to maximize the value of systems and data you have.

Areas of focus

Web development

Going beyond standard capabilities of out-of-the-box products, Intosoft delivers tailored web apps that address unique business demands with no compromise on user experience. Powered by lightweight yet robust frameworks, our solutions digitalize and streamline business operations across multiple verticals and fields.

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Mobile development

We help companies embrace mobility to capitalize on the opportunities of accessing data and tools on the go. Overcoming screen and browser limitations, Intosoft crafts custom iOS and Android apps, native and cross-platform alike, and implements full-featured mobile solutions for wearables and IoT ecosystems.

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Full-cycle development

From ideation and design all the way to delivery and post-launch support, Intosoft guides customers through the entire software development process, sharing our expertise and knowledge at every step of the way.

AnalysisRequirement clarificationProject specifications & WBSProject roadmapProject budgetingDesignUser journey mappingWireframing & prototypingUser testingUI/UX design implementationDevelopmentCodingIntegrationTestingSource code documentationDeliveryBeta-release & UATDeploymentKnowledge transfer & user trainingSupportTechnical & customer supportSystem monitoringEnhancements & issue resolution

Software audit & project rescue

Infosoft is ready to pick up third-party projects at any stage. Whether you look for additional resources to complete the development or aim to start afresh, our consultants and engineers will assess the existing system and infrastructure, pinpoint areas for improvement, and create a new delivery roadmap to ensure the final solution is in line with your demands and expectations.


MVP & prototyping

We transform promising ideas into basic, yet functional product versions that keep the right balance between business value and investment. To ensure faster release and reduce costs, we create interactive prototypes and MVPs, enabling you to test your ideas against the real market.


of applications developed by us started as an MVP

case image

Restaurant scheduling app

We delivered an MVP to help restaurant employees plan schedule and see how their colleagues time their work.

Agile delivery framework

Intosoft actively adopts agile Agile principles and practices, mixing best of scrum Scrum and lean Lean for software development and project management. With a focus on flexible planning and prioritization, incremental delivery, and continuous feedback, we cultivate a streamlined, transparent, and value-driven development process to steer your project to success.

Contract models

We offer a set of flexible contract models to give you the freedom of choosing the one that works best for your project.

Fixed price

With the Fixed Price contract in place, you are able to plan and fix the project cost and get the software delivered strictly on schedule, given no changes are made to the initial scope throughout the development lifecycle.

  • Suitable for small and MVP projects
  • Tight delivery timeframe and budget
  • Project specification is well-documented and clear
  • Little to none customer supervision

Time & material

T&M model gives you the ease and flexibility of modifying the scope and requirements as the project evolves. You will be billed monthly based on the amount of work done, the final project cost will depend solely on the efforts spent.

  • Optimal choice for mid-sized and large long-term projects
  • Project requirements are subject to change
  • High-level project scope and requirements
  • Project management is done by the customer

Fixed budget

Whilst the target project timeframe and cost is set, you still get the opportunity to manage the scope and prioritize features during the development, neatly balancing project goals and their impact on budget.

  • Works well on the majority of projects
  • Need to accommodate the scope to a limited budget
  • Project requirements are well-defined, however may change through the process
  • Close collaboration between the customer and the project team

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