Sjift app is an easy and interactive way for fast food restaurants’ employees to plan their schedule and see how their colleagues time their work. The application was designed to make communications between colleagues smooth and mobile, increase their motivation and enhance employee engagement.

Project summary


Mobile application, Web application


6 months




iOS, Android, Windows Phone


2 Xamarin/.NET developers, QA engineer, Business analyst


The customer is a Dutch startup company devoted to simplifying worktime planning for business catering services’ potential employees.


We were to create a MVP in 3 months and basing on users’ feedback update it to fully working application that’s currently available in stores.


The application has essential functionality. Thus, for example, it allows to:

  • Chat with the colleagues right in the app, no other messenger apps are needed;
  • Plan working hours in the calendar, inform managers about unexpected emergencies and, on the contrary, about willingness to work extra hours;
  • Ask colleagues for shifts interchange;
  • Evaluate employees by setting their personal rating;
  • Share photos and text messages in the feed;
  • Keep in touch with the colleagues: the app contains the list of colleagues with their personal data.

Check it out on App store and Google Play.

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