The developed solution was created to provide users with access to Vitesse club’s results and recent news. Vitesse app helps club members 'find each other' and successfully 'connect' which inevitably leads to establishing and maintaining strong business connections.

Project summary


Mobile application, Web application


3 months




iOS, Android, Windows Phone


Xamarin/.NET developer, QA engineer, Business analyst


The client is Business Club Vitesse-GelreDome – a special club that links people who love football and Vitesse team in particular.


This was a typical mobile application with integration of business club portal’s API.


Mobile app for Arnhem football club BCVG members aimed to make communication between them smooth and interactive.

The app makes it possible because it allows to:

  • Stay in course of recent news and games results;
  • Register for and invite friends to join upcoming club events and see who also plans to attend them as well;
  • Receive instant notifications about the start and the end of registrations for events;
  • See personal info about the club members, share information with them and arrange meetings;
  • Solve club members’ problems and issues, notifying them about the progress and successful tasks completion;
  • Conduct short polls among the members to see how they feel about the current state of things.

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