Hotel management suite

The application which is designed for simplification of interaction between hotel management and guests for a hospitality agent.

Project summary


Mobile application


8 months and counting


Xamarin, Java, Spring, React


iOS, Android, Windows Phone


Project Manager, Business Analyst, Mobile developer, Web developer, Software Testing Engineer


System designed for simplification of interaction between hotel management and guests for Belgian client who is busy in Hospitality field. Throdi provides such features as room booking, ordering from bar, cleanup requests and so on. Besides that system provides convenient features for employees of hotels: inventory management, shifts planning and etc.


Provide small and medium-sized hotels with a customizable property management system, which should optimize managing of the hotel and simplify the interaction with guests. Previously, the development of the application was carried out by another company and Throdi already had basic hotel management features available. After the client joined Intosoft in February 2019, the team was tasked with stabilizing the application. We improved integration with Cubilis and standardized the architecture of the application pages. Soon the team also offered support for Universal Windows Platform for the possibility of installing the application on a computer or another guest device.

After the stage of stabilization and improvement of Throdi's work, our team develops new functionality and sometimes faces interesting challenging tasks. For example, to increase the client base, we decided to integrate with the Planet Winner Property Management System. This integration was the most complicated of the current ones, because Planet Winner is a desktop application, and Throdi is a web application. That's why our team needed to find the right solution that would allow us to automatically take the actual data from Planet Winner. So that we made changes that allow us to use the Planet Winner FIAS protocol.


Throdi supports four languages: English, French, Dutch, Portugese, German. The web application is designed for hotel staff. The application simplifies the daily duties of hotel staff such as:

  • Tracking of hotel activity;
  • Room reservation management;
  • Informing guests about booking conditions and instructions prior to check-in;
  • Informing guests about changes to the reservation before and during the stay at the hotel;
  • Tracking the level of preparation of rooms for the next check-in;
  • Management of services provided by the hotel;
  • Processing of orders created by guests via mobile application;

The mobile application allows the guest:

  • Find and book rooms in an available hotel
  • Perform check-in and check-out
  • to view the booking information,
  • book available hotel services
  • View invoices for room reservation and ordered services
  • change status to "Do Not Disturb"
  • to call the hotel reception

Currently, 16 services are available from Throdi, such as: Bar, Breakfast, Housekeeping, Car park, Rental, Pet care and etc. Throdi also has the functionality to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules.

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