DoDivana is a universal platform which makes choosing food suppliers much simpler for final consumers. It enables business owners to build the capabilities to deliver a range of technology-specific services that increase revenue and potential profit.

Project summary


Mobile application, Web application


12 months and counting


Xamarin, PHP


iOS, Android, Windows Phone


Xamarin/.NET developer, PHP developer, QA engineer, Project manager, Business analyst


By the moment the project was presented to our company, the start-up team had already implemented the main part of server side together with a native iOS application. To cover the needs of further business growth, project owners had to decrease the cost and the time required to develop mobile applications for the most popular operating systems, including Android, Windows Phone and iOS. Xamarin technology was selected on our side as the best approach to meet the project goals.


We achieved the increase in catalog views via simple user interface which includes:

  • Selection among suppliers / regions / food and etc.
  • Intellectual search and flexible filtration mechanisms
  • Internal geo-service for delivery conditions calculation
  • Integrated payment systems, such as iDEAL, PayPal, Visa, etc.
  • Bonus and reward systems available
  • Simple catalog navigation
  • Variable delivery mechanism, including delivery and onsite take away


As a result, the amount of online orders increased by 40-45 per cent in comparison with usual e-commerce solutions.

Architectural solutions and technical approach allowed us to significantly diminish expenses for the further support and update of the applications. Therefore, intosoft team managed not only to meet the deadlines but also to achieve the client’s business goals.

Check it out on App store and Windows Phone.

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