Online service for device repair

Online service for users of electronic gadgets that allows them to diagnose reasons of technical issues, suggests how to fix their devices without turning to professional servicemen and simplifies warranty service procedure. Read more to view details of the project.

Project summary


Web application


6 months


PHP, MySQL, Linux




Architect, 2 senior developers, QA engineer


The customer represents a range of companies in the area of electronic equipment production and repair.


The customer used to have an in-house system for order tracking. However, as the niche was continually growing, outdated web solutions with manual order processing functionality could no longer meet the client's needs. Moreover, the time spent on manual input of each and every order finally lead to company’s financial losses. Intosoft had to take into account business peculiarities of each company and provide web services customization to client’s requirements.


Together with the client, the team decided to develop a completely new solution that would give more freedom to consumers and reduce the staff’s involvement into bureaucracy procedures.

The product is a complicated system that consists of backend and several frontend solutions. They all are adapted to the field of the particular company. With their help, users can:

  • Diagnose equipment failures and check possible ways of resolving them. Utilizing the list of selected issues, the system is able to identify the problem and propose the most popular approach to cope with it without special service.
  • Place the request for technical service opting for one of two available shipping methods: a pick-up service (gadget is collected from the client's house and then delivered back) or a drop-off service which is similar to regular post (the parcel is left in a special box and collected from it once the gadget is fixed).
  • Make partial payments using secured third party payment systems.


We achieved the following results:

  • Proper implementation of the data catcher helped not to load API server and at the same time increased its performance.
  • Responsive design and perfect layout on any mobile device.
  • Composer dependency manager streamlined further updates and support of the system, simultaneously hitching up side libraries and keeping them up-to-date.

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