Blood biomarkers analysis system

The application represents a symbiosis/synergy of science and modern technologies that helps to assess and correct your overall well-being. The system analyzes the user’s blood sample, defines their biological age and provides individual nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Project summary


Web application


6 months


PHP5, MySQL, CodeIgniter




4 senior and middle developers, QA engineer


The customer is the leader in personalized health analytics with scientific research experience in health and wellness.


When Intosoft got involved in the project, the team analyzed client’s current solution. The challenge was to recreate it to meet new business objectives of a rapidly growing business as well as functional requirements of the end users. The team started to work in several directions, adding the required functionality, improving the performance and usability.


The solution provides the following procedure:

  • Users create personal accounts and set preliminary goals
  • Once the blood sample results are uploaded, they get access to confidential analyses and recommendations online
  • Receive detailed nutrition recommendations with comments on how the food can affect biomarkers’ results
  • Get daily food menus customized for individual needs and calculated to optimize the users’ biomarker levels
  • Built-in analytical tool allows to track results over time and monitor progress

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