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Pascal Hochedé is a hotelier. In the Belgian coastal town of Knokke, he runs the charming family hotel Les Arcades. The friendly and welcoming Flaming calls himself a ‘busy beaver’ and constantly tries to satisfy his guests. “In this way we started to cooperate with IntoSoft”, tells Pascal. “In 2014 during a visit to Paris, I saw in a small hotel an useful online application. This application offered guests access to useful information and handy functionalities. The idea got me. I wanted that for our hotel guests too.”


An useful app for hotel guests

The hotelier found the high price a threshold to get to use the existing application. Through a friendly relationship and with the cooperation of students, Pascal was able to develop a similar and affordable application in Poznan (Poland). “The result is the THRODI app. All the information I consider as useful for our guests is collected in the app, which you can download for both Android and Apple. The app provides information about the must sees and best experiences in the close distance of our hotel. Beside that, the app provides the possibility to order every hotel service such as room service and drinks in the lounge bar and checking in and out, ordering a taxi or make a restaurant reservation. With THRODI, you can manage your stay in the hotel.”


IntoSoft assists with innovation

In recent years, the useful app for hotel guests has been developed, improved and extended. But precisely this innovation caused in the end some trouble. “I was too dependent on students who developed THRODI besides their study. While searching for an suiting IT company who might be able to help, I got in touch with IntoSoft. They knew exactly what I needed. It’s good to know that I can rely on experienced developers whenever I need. Most of the software development and maintenance of the application happens in Minsk. That happens very smoothly. I’m happy about our cooperation. IntoSoft offers me the change to optimize THRODI”, says Pascal Hochedé. For more information about this innovative project check

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