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Custom Software Development


With many years of experience in custom software development, IntoSoft strives to turn the dreams of its clients into effective solutions for both start-ups and established businesses from the US to Central and Western Europe.

IntoSoft boasts a vast pool of professionals, all with solid academic background and hands-on experience. The team is able to cover the full software development lifecycle – from initial requirements gathering to further support and maintenance. With its clients, IntoSoft utilizes flexible engagement models – fixed price, T&M and dedicated team, each tailored to specific project conditions.

New application development

For each particular project, we utilize only the technologies that fit the business needs of our clients. Our application development engagements run across the full software development lifecycle.

Maintenance and customization of existing solutions

When business conditions change, IntoSoft is ready to enhance the functionality of your solution by adding extra modules or upgrading the existing ones. In some cases, it can be more efficient to fully re-engineer the client’s current solution to stay ahead of the competition.

Mobile apps for existing enterprise solutions

It is hard to imagine modern life without tablets and smartphones. Therefore, IntoSoft engineers can increase the productivity of your business and provide mobile access to the solutions (CRM, ERP, HRM etc.), make corporate data available on mobile devices with data security in mind.

Technical and Legacy application migration

In today’s business, efficiency and the use of the most advanced enterprise technologies have become the key elements of business. Technologies quickly become outdated and sometimes business owners have to make tough decisions in order to stay ahead of the game. If you are no longer satisfied with the performance of your enterprise software, IntoSoft is ready to provide smooth and risk-free transition of your business to modern technology and its further testing to ensure stable performance.

Over years we have developed custom software for our partners in various fields in technology, such as retail or finance structures, healthcare, hospitality facilities and other domains. Please, have a look at our Portfolio page to learn more about our work.

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