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Useful and effective tool to plan, implement and control business processes. Read more to see how it can help your organization.

InToPlanning is an innovative product that enables the management to effectively plan resources for specific tasks and form the necessary documents upon completion. It comprises financial instruments, invoices, salary calculations as well as reports on the specified criteria.

The product will suit companies that render:

• Transport services - optimal allocation of drivers’ work shifts.
• Social services - coordinating employees’ work on the objects.
• Educational services - planning classes
• Service sector - managing and monitoring the work related to installation and servicing
• Companies for which delays lead to significant losses

The system represents a client-server application that includes a web part for the management and finance department and the client part for the employees that includes iOS, Android and Windows phone applications. The server part is represented with a CMS that can be integrated with a third party system.

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