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  • Dodivana


    DoDivana is a universal platform which makes choosing food suppliers much simpler for final consumers. It enables business owners to build the capabilities to deliver a range of technology-specific services that increase revenue and potential profit.

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  • Secure enterprise mobility solution

    Secure enterprise mobility solution

    The product is a secured system that encrypts and transports data between mobile devices and an enterprises’ backend. It allows an organization to control and manage how the employees exchange time-critical information across their wireless handheld devices.

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  • Incident management system

    Incident management system

    The application is a process automation system for enterprises and governmental organizations that allows to identify an incident, classify it and choose the right resolution scenario. The system allows to allocate employees to resolve the incident, manage their responsibilities and monitor the incident resolution progress.

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  • Solution for analyzing blood biomarkers and providing lifestyle recommendations

    Solution for analyzing blood biomarkers and providing lifestyle recommendations

    The application represents a symbiosis/synergy of science and modern technologies that helps to assess and correct your overall well-being. The system analyzes the user’s blood sample, defines their biological age and provides individual nutrition and lifestyle advice.

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