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  • Mobile POS solution for restaurant business

    Mobile POS solution for restaurant business

    A mobile application that transforms an iPod Touch into a high tech hospitality handheld device and makes it a fully functional point of sales (POS). Everything is done logically and intuitively with one hand, enabling your employees to devote their attention to the guests.

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  • Business process automation system

    Business process automation system

    The system is designed for the employees of a Dutch transport company in order to expedite and facilitate their daily work. It allows to plan employees’ capacity, submit declarations, control processes, financial operations and invoicing.

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  • HR application for absence management

    HR application for absence management

    The application represents a highly usable web tool for managing all types of company staff’s leaves and absences, including sick and maternity leaves, vacations, days off, etc. The system was adjusted to meet the client’s internal policy and was easily integrated into the business environment.

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  • E-learning solution for staff training, testing and certification

    E-learning solution for staff training, testing and certification

    Utilizing modern Internet technology, the system brings the element of learning and self-development into employees’ daily work. With the help of a laptop, tablet or a computer they have access to course materials, assignments, tests, assessments and versatile interaction functionality. Anytime, anywhere, at work and at home.

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  • B2C multiplatform solution

    B2C multiplatform solution

    The solution is a a communicative platform for lessors, administration and tenants in business centers and housing estates aimed to optimize the internal processes. It provides effective resource management tools to the management as well as better overall service experience to the tenants.

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  • Cloud storage service

    Cloud storage service

    A multi- and cross-platform cloud storage service designed for companies that pay increased attention to data security. The software is a сloud-based drive on a computer that is similar to other well-known consumer online storage services. However, the big difference is that the data is stored in a private cloud storage environment on premises.

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  • B2B multiplatform solution for restaurant business

    B2B multiplatform solution for restaurant business

    InToSoft created a solution that enabled restaurant owners to control their turnover and organize administrative procedures, engage with their employees and clients. For employees it became more convenient to manage the working schedule. As for the consumers, they could get info on the latest discounts, rewards and loyalty programs.

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  • Online service for travelers

    Online service for travelers

    InToSoft created an innovative and user friendly online service for travelers that enabled them to organize trips at minimum time, airline and hotel room booking functionality, entertainment tours in a single click. The portal was aimed to minimize the time required for trip preparation.

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