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HR application for absence management

The application represents a highly usable web tool for managing all types of company staff’s leaves and absences, including sick and maternity leaves, vacations, days off, etc. The system was adjusted to meet the client’s internal policy and was easily integrated into the business environment.

Project type: web system
InToSoft team: 6 specialists
Team structure: architect, team lead, designer, 2 senior developers, QA engineer
Project duration: 6 months
Technologies: .NET 4.5, Angular JS, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework 6, Azure, HTML5, CSS3
Environment: Visual Studio, JIRA Agile, SVN, CI Bamboo
Platform: Web

About the client

The customer is an Irish IT-company with more than 20 years’ experience in document and data management.


The client used two similar systems that could no longer meet the business needs due to outdated technologies and limited functionality. The challenge was to create an entirely new solution that would comprise the functionality of both systems and have many new features.


The team analyzed the logic of client’s systems and came up with flexible and extendable solution that could be easily adapted to any company due to:

• Company management module that provides the ability to set access rights and set main system rules;
• Leaves and absences management module with adaptive business rules;
• 25+ reports integrated into the system;
• Multilingual support;
• Responsive design supported by mobile devices.

InToSoft achieved the following results:

• The app’s architecture allows to make future updates and extensions easily.
• Less time required for initial system implementation due to selected technical approach.
• Absolute stability of the service.

Stabilization carried out every 3-4 sprints allowed to provide continuous delivery of stable versions to the production.

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