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B2C multiplatform solution

The solution is a a communicative platform for lessors, administration and tenants in business centers and housing estates aimed to optimize the internal processes. It provides effective resource management tools to the management as well as better overall service experience to the tenants.

Project type: multiplatform software product
InToSoft team: 8 specialists
Team structure: architect, PM, BA, 3 senior developers, QA engineer
Project duration: 8 months
Technologies: PHP, CodeIgniter framework, Mysql, Cron jobs, iOS, Android, Xamarin
Environments: PHP Storm, Apache 2.4, Linux, Git, Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, Xcode, Eclipse
Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web

About the client

The client is the leading provider of facility and accommodation services on the Dutch market.


The client decided to create a communicative platform for lessors, administration and tenants working at business centers in order to optimize internal processes. The client already had a few similar native applications for various clients. Nevertheless, development of separate apps for each new brand required significant financial and time investments. Our objective was to analyze the logic of the existing systems and at the same time optimize expenses on development, branding and support of the new platform.


The resulting system is a client-server application. Together with the client, it was decided to re-implement the system using Xamarin, a cross platform development technology that allows to develop mobile applications that run on iOS, Android and Windows Phone with a single codebase. Moreover, a web app was created. The server part is a CMS, which additionally provides integration with Axxerion.

The Office App offers its users the following functionality:

• Presentation of the office building and its surroundings along with images, videos and contact information;
• Ability to timely inform administration about emergencies inside and outside the office building;
• Latest news on current/upcoming affairs from administration and co-tenants;
• Possibility to book meeting rooms/parking stalls for your business visitors;
• View the daily menu at the office canteen.

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