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Incident management system

The application is a process automation system for enterprises and governmental organizations that allows to identify an incident, classify it and choose the right resolution scenario. The system allows to allocate employees to resolve the incident, manage their responsibilities and monitor the incident resolution progress.

Project type: web based incident management system.
InToSoft team: 5 specialists
Team structure: architect, 3 senior and mid- developers, QA engineer
Project duration: 24 months.
Technologies: .Net Framework 3.5, Asp.Net, MVC, MS SQL server 2005/2008, WCF, Javascript, AJAX
Platform: Web

About the client

The client is a major Dutch transport company.


Taking into account the client’s business domain, InToSoft was to create a flexible and intellectual incident management system that would help to achieve exceptional workflow stability. The idea was not only to develop a system that responds to the needs of transport service companies, but can also be applied to any organization, e.g. big enterprises, or crisis centers and even correctional facilities thus assisting organizations with their daily tasks.


InToSoft developed a web based application that is at the same time compatible with tablets and smartphones. To forecast possible incidents, the system constantly monitors the state of the company’s resources and analyzes their status. The system is able to determine and activate scenarios of possible incidents, allows to edit and change them at any time. The system can give the full picture of resources’ involvement, costs and time required for the resolution and other factors.

Incident management system presents the following features:

- User-friendly native interface with icon based navigation and drag and drop functionality
- Full freedom in the call flows via: Analogue, ISDN and VoIP
- Open connectivity with a number of available solutions: on premise, hosting and SaaS
- Ability to manage few problems simultaneously with 1 window needed for all functions
- Flexibility in managing scenarios: pre-configured scenarios based on past calls together with the ability to make up new intuitive scenarios
- Intelligent reporting
- Geo Alerting functionality

As a result, InToSoft managed to develop an intellegent system that allows to take full control over crisis communication. It represents the new generation of Intelligence Notifications systems (INS) that supports managing (crisis) communication. New technologies that were applied make it one of the smartest, most enhanced and flexible call engine.
Choosing Agile for this project allowed us to set clear goals and quickly implement new featues. Thereby, as technologies change constantly, it allowed us to anticipate any change in the requirements.

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