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InToSoft created an an interactive and fun tool that helps product retail chains to further build the Driscoll’s berry presence in stores (and as a consequence drive berry sales). Allows to control accuracy of production placement according to the rules.

Project type: multiplatform software product
InToSoft team: 4 specialists
Team structure: 2 Xamarin/.NET developers, QA engineer, BA
Project duration: 3 months
Technologies: Xamarin .NET
Platforms:  iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web

About the client

The client is the leading supplier of fresh berries supplying naturally sweet and healthy strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.


Build an app which would automate merchandiser processes and create between Driscoll’s client shops competitive culture of berries storage and displaying.


This app enables the product chains to:

  • Improve the berry presence in stores;
  • Communicate with Driscoll’s and colleagues of other stores;
  • Receive information about upcoming Driscoll’s events.

With several clicks it’s possible to:

  • Send the images and comments of the tasks completed to get the admins’ approve;
  • To be evaluated for the accuracy of berries’ placement in the store;
  • To see the calendar of upcoming events.
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