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Daily Fantasy Basketball

The app provides tools that help the user create their own custom Daily Fantasy Basketball team lineups, and tools to utilize Synergy’s vast data and analytics to choose lineups that have a higher probability of winning.

These lineups will then be submitted to daily fantasy leagues.
Project type: mobile app
InToSoft team: 4 specialists
Team structure: 4 Xamarin/.NET developers
Project duration: 12 months
Technologies: Xamarin
Platforms:  iOS, Android

About the client

The client is an American company that strives to renovate sports training approach by using latest IT technologies.


We formed part of a big team and were responsible for one of the most complicated application parts’ implementation. Our specialists dealt with calculation and visualization of sportsmen progress data.


The app:

  • Provides all of the information needed by the daily fantasy player, in one place. No more searching countless websites and publications to get the information you need.
  • Easy to use workflow to create lineups for DraftKings, Fanduel and Yahoo and keep track of lineups.
  • Levels the playing field by giving you access to the same quality data and analytics the experts have.
  • All data and analytics are based upon facts, not opinions. All information is based on actual data, and does not take into account the status of a player’s health, injury or any other non-game issue that might impact the likelihood of the player actually playing in the game.
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