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IntoSoft supports parking and transport solutions D&B

IntoSoft is specialist in development and maintenance of customized applications and IT solutions. This versatility is specially appreciated in our collaboration with D&B The Mobility Group. This department of D&B The Facility Group offers high-quality parking and transport solutions. Whether it concerns driver services, valet parking, shuttle services or taking all mobility issues off your hands during an event.
A thorough planning and the best coordination and communication between those directly involved is key in D&B’s business. Although it looks simple, a lot is involved to make sure individual and group transport with an own driver runs smoothly. D&B The Mobility Group uses the know-how of the IntoSoft software developers. Our specialists developed the software to make sure the entire handling of the innovative parking and traffic solutions works smoothly. They also take care of the maintenance and updates of the app.
Do you need an custom made IT solution or online application yourself? Please contact us. IntoSoft is happy to answer your questions!

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