Go with us on an excursion to Minsk

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for custom made automation solutions or development and improvement of certain systems or applications? Or would you like to take a look at the location where all the creative and technical IT specialists, software developers and application managers of IntoSoft do their work?

Sign up for our next excursion to Minsk (Belarus). From The Netherlands you got accompanied by the IntoSoft board and some clients. Departure is planned for the 4th of March. On 7 March we will return to the Netherlands. The costs of these business trip are € 950,--. Return flight, transfer and stay are included. The exact costs depend partly on the number of participants.

Should the excursion lead to a possible assignment, the costs of this excursion will be deducted. Please contact Marijn Kuijpers at Marijn.Kuijpers@intosoft.nl for information and registration.

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