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How Magento 2.0 Can Enhance Your Online Sales


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Be it a small company or a giant corporation, e-commerce development has significantly changed their style of business mode and their ways to reach out to customers and clients. Online stores help organizations connect to their customers efficiently and quickly, they also help end users to make online purchases on the go and just in a few clicks.

Launching an e-commerce website today is cheap and fast with special scripts and platforms like Magento. On November, 17 the tech world met the long-expected update – Magento 2.0 created to make user shopping experience even more convenient and enjoyable. We spoke about its new features here, and now we are moving on its key functionalities to see how Magento can positively influence your e-commerce sales.

First of all, the technology has options to extend its basic functionalities with the help of side extensions which allows to build customized features, boost brand awareness and reach reaching more customers. There’s also an option to integrate your Magento system with other sales tools and options and create different shopping patterns for different classes of customers.

Which is more, Magento technology also supports integration with such e-commerce giants as Amazon, Google, eBay and many others. You can also take your email campaigns to the new level with Magento 2 by integrating it to major marketing services or simplify login procedure by connecting the platform to the world’s leading social networks. Let your customers share their experience with your online shop with friends!

The recently updated technology features a wide set of features every marketer will like and that will boost your online sales. Promote new products, offer flexible coupons, send automated newsletters about the latest novelties in the catalogue and many more. Track your marketing efforts with the rich variety of analytics tools and SEO inbuilt features.

There're also some other notable to-boost-sales features and extensions Magento 2.0 has that allow to:

  • survey a e-commerce website's visitors and analyse their feedback;
  • promote key goods on the main page;
  • create and set a blog;
  • optimize e-mail confirmation and auto messages;
  • introduct best sellers category of goods;
  • provide several payment and shipping options;
  • offer special coupons.

We shared only the key features of Magento 2. Want to learn more about the rest of its functionalities and extensions and see how we can assist you with your sales boost? Our team have spent hundreds of hours on this platform and is ready to share its experience!

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