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InToSocial Education


InToSocial Education is a social network that helps to establish cooperation between teachers and students.

The solution provides its users a wide range of opportunities:

• Teachers can create courses and groups for a particular class or group of pupils and follow their pages to monitor their educational activity.
• Access to innumerable studying materials (students’ books, audiobooks, educational video films, training and methodological materials for teachers, dictionaries and encyclopedias) that can be easily uploaded and shared by any network user.
• Chats, feedback storage and commenting enable teachers to communicate with the students in the most comfortable format.
• Internal discussions provide students an opportunity to teach each other in the process.

InToSocial Education is a cutting edge and easy to use application for effective cooperation of students and teachers.

Create your account to begin - Personalize your profile – start using:
Follow pages of your teacher, group/class or students;
Store all your documents and media files in the Library;
Develop exciting and effective educational programs;
Establish thematic learning communities to share knowledge and experiences;
Invite students to study groups;
Conduct online discussions, select a discussion topic and check out for updates.

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