InToSoft is a Dutch software development company specialized in IT solutions for the  European and American market. We cover a full range of services - starting from business analysis and ending with project deployment, including further support. Moreover, we promote our own software products. The company was founded in 2012 as a result of long-term cooperation between TecServ Kuijpers BV (the Netherlands) and IntoPeople BV (the Netherlands).
Our mission is to create solutions that meet the needs of our clients’ businesses and help them grow.

of projects’ growth per year

European and 34% US clients

of projects are our own products

  • Vadim Konovalov
    Vadim has many years of experience as a team manager with strong focus on international product and business management. Over the last 10 years, he gained considerable experience in the IT industry. Being a robust, pragmatic, result- and people-oriented professional, he inspires people around him. Inquisitive by nature, he enjoys challenges and change. Having positive attitude to any life situation, he always finds opportunities to make his clients satisfied and bring his business to the next level.
  • Marijn Kuijpers
    True passion for technical innovation and more than 10 years devoted to driving the IT business gave Marijn a bird’s eye view on how to transform the needs of InToSoft’s clients into the code. He enjoys combining his business knowledge with the team’s technical skills and domain expertise. Dedicated to software development, at the same time Marijn is a business-oriented professional with earnest approach to work and attention to detail.
  • Iya Nekrasova
    A highly organized strategist, Iya has been managing teams of various sizes for more than 8 years. Her technical background and problem solving approach make her able to see solutions instead of problems. A talented manager, she knows how to attract experienced specialists and inspire them to achieve the best results. Iya attaches great importance to time - her own and that of her business partners. As a result, her top priority is the work done at the highest level of quality and on schedule. Her wide outlook helps InToSoft remain a successful and client oriented company.
  • Arseniy Golovnev
    Enthusiastic about programming since childhood, Arseniy managed to turn his hobby into a profession. Today, he is a technical guru with 14 years of hands-on experience in software development and architecture design. He possesses strong practical skills in different frameworks and languages, as well as software implementation, including mobile applications, enterprise systems and complex distributed systems for real-time video processing and 3D-rendering. His passion and perfectionism help him to solve the most difficult project issues.

  • Driscoll’s
    "It was a pleasure to work with the InToSoft team! They offered the perfect solution for our mobile app. Also, the look and feel of the mobile app is very professional. I can highly recommend working with InToSoft."
  • Patrick Smeets (PeopleWare)
    “Working with IntoSoft is like working with an extended team just around the corner. Direct communication with your team, no unnecessary procedures and good backoffice support where needed. Individual team members are highly skilled and easy to work with. For us IntoSoft is a perfect match with our development team in our offices.”
  • Alistair Thacker (Kefron)
    “IntoSoft have been a pleasure to work with. They put a good quality team together quickly and delivered high quality output. Their people are intelligent, friendly and professional. They listen to our ideas and our feedback, they provide daily updates, and they take care of the small details and the complexity. I have no hesitation in recommending IntoSoft as a development partner.”
  • Jonas Gyllensvaan (SyncDog)
    “I did a number of mobile projects with InToSoft and enjoyed their approach to work. The development team provided solid and well-written code and the communication was transparent and well established despite the timezone difference. Glad to have chosen these guys.”
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