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I Have An App Idea…Now What? The Step-by-step Guide To Building A Mobile Product


So you have a brilliant idea for an app but you don’t know how to get it off the ground. You start right here as this short guide will walk you through everything you need to turn your idea into reality.

Step 1. Define your idea.

To build a successful app you need more than just an idea, you shall define what exactly the solution will do and how it will help end users. Outline key features and don’t forget to write down what makes your future product something special.

Step 2. Research your market.

The first thing you should do is to make sure that your idea is really worthy. People often think they’ve come up with a genius solution to some issue, but then they realize that somebody has already created the same thing or, which is worse, there’re simply no audience for it besides themselves. Spending numerous months working on the project and then realize it’s worthless is quite frustrating. So, in order to avoid this scenario, we suggest you to ask yourself some questions:

Has this idea been implemented before? Look for similar solutions that already exist.

Who are my competitors? Don’t get upset if you find competitors – it proves the idea to be profitable. At the same time, you should consider that if there’re many of them it will be difficult to win against them.

What does my typical customer look like? What type of person he is? His age/gender/location/income? This short research will help you understand how many potential customers are there in the desired market and how you should act to draw their attention to your product. When answering the questions, you can also think of which mobile platform you shall choose: will it be native app or a cross platform development?

How much money shall I invest? How much I need to get started? Will I have to hire employees or is it better to hire a ready team? Where will this investment come from?

If after these questions you still feel like you have a killer idea, congrats! Let’s go on.

Step 3. Acquire a domain name.

Having a good domain name is extremely important. You may discover that all the good ones are already taken, but you still need to find something short and catchy. And don’t forget that though right now you’re about to build an app, it’s likely that in future you’ll also create a website to it where you will be able to thoroughly describe your solution and promote it.

Step 4. Create a strategy.

Once your idea is proved to be viable, you need a strategy. Think about timeline and development milestones, how much the project will cost and how you will roll out to the market. As you gain numbers, you should make sure that the architecture of your product and its backend part are quite robust to handle the increased traffic.

Step 5. Go for it!

So, you have an idea and you have a plan. It’s time to develop. Find a development team with rich experience and proper connections will be glad to assist you in turning your concept into reality. The right team and the right plan in place, your app will just make it big.

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