HOW R U? app wins a special prize in Belarus HR Brand Awards 2016

On the 8th of December the winners of Belarus HR Brand Award were announced in Minsk during one of the most beautiful and memorable events in Belarusian HR-industry.
The award is presented to the companies who have created successful projects for their current and potential employees over the past year.

This year the competition has been submitted 37 projects presented by 34 local companies that specialize in different areas including IT technologies, finances, transport and logistics. In different years the list of nominees featured such famous brands as Heineken, Carlsberg Group, Microsoft, Pepsi Co, DHL and others world-known companies.

We’re happy to share with you that InToSoft won a special prize with our HOW R U? app!5c9e722b14bc6fca61a920a77a1b34cf

HOW R U? app – is a new approach to communication between managers and employees. The app helps build a successful team, enhances staff motivation and boosts employee engagement.

HOW R U? also:

- Presents staff’s moods and opinions at full
- Helps build up in-company communication
- Shows credible and timely feedback
- Provides review of most up-to-date questions and requests from staff
- Is a perfect on-boarding process assistant
- Keeps staff updated with most recent information

You can learn more about the app and try it for free here:

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