HOW R U? app: How we failed to find an ultimate HR tech solution and developed our own corporate app

Hiring, retaining and making employees comfortable is not just important to any business – it’s essential. And this’s one of InToSoft’s main policies, our employees are our heart and soul, they are the breath of life that helps our company be something special and effective. We are constantly seeking ways to make our corporate life engaging and interesting, we’re keeping track of our colleagues’ needs and issues and, of course, we’re never tired of looking for some other people to join our amazing team.

Why we decided on searching a tool for HR needs?

Being a productive and quickly developing software company, we realized: hiring too many new people made it difficult to maintain friendly and close incorporate communications as our employees simply didn’t know each other, they had no idea about “who is that guy standing in the hall”. But that was not the only challenge we had to face: it became much harder to learn how our colleagues felt, what they needed, what’re their thoughts on various issues.

13434860_498031150386899_4014329067784827729_nWe threw the kitchen sink to find a perfect solution that would cover our needs, we’re looking for a tool that would automate some of HR daily tasks, that would save our time for collecting feedback from our staff members and, last but not least, we’re searching for the tool that would help us rebuild our internal communications. Apart from that our HR Managers would like the potential solution to help them:

  • Enhance newcomers’ onboarding, introduce them to their colleagues;
  • Establish strong employee feedback channel;
  • Learn employees’ opinions on different topics quickly;
  • Help staff solve their work needs by turning to a person in charge;
  • Improve corporate culture;
  • Notify team members about upcoming in-company events, deliver to them urgent messages at once.

We have been studing famous app bases and surfed the Internet to realize that we couldn’t have found a perfect HR tech solution. For sure, we could have tried to apply several Human Resources Management systems designed for certain issues, but it’s too hard to convince the team to use at least one corporate app, how could we say to them that they would deal with several at once?

Why we thought about creating our own app and how this idea worked

One day our HR department was holding another problem-devoted meeting when they thought: “What if we try to create our own HR app that would 100% suit us?” The idea appeared off the wall, but we couldn’t resist it: we had dozens of software developers - potential users and QA engineers who could thoroughly test the app. And then the work began.

QuizWe often say that our corporate app was created by HR Managers for HR Managers and it’s absolutely true. Because there were our HR specialists who were drawing the app’s mockups by hand, who were describing the desired functionality to Business Analysts, who expressed their ideas about the future solution’s design. That’s how our ultimate HR app – How R U? – started.

A few months later, due to the efforts of our Human Resources Department and due to our software developers’ expertise, a beta-version of the app came out. Apparently at that time a major HR event was scheduled to be held in Minsk – HRPR Camp 2015 – International expo/conference where more than 50 companies presented their success stories and cases of successful HR and PR programs and campaigns. We considered that event a great opportunity to present our corporate app to experts to learn their opinion and attitude to it.

For sure, we knew there’re HR managers who were experiencing the same problems as we did, but we were quite surprised to see how many specialists were dealing that issues in reality. Probably, that’s why our demo had attracted many viewers who rushed to express their interest in our idea and who left priceless feedback on How R U?.

Having analyzed all the suggestions and notes received from HRPR Camp participants, we kept on improving our HR system. A test user group started to use the functionality of the app to see which features were working best and which needed to be completed. In a short time, we launched the product use in the whole company.

Understanding that How R U? could help them with basic workplace issues, our team members have easily adapted to the suggested solution, they have been actively using the app, constantly suggesting us what and how can be improved, pointing us to weak places that could be later fixed. Thus, sometime after applying How R U? system in our company we have analyzed its productivity and were pleased to know that the app has solved our major problem – it’s revamped our internal communications.

How’s How R U? app helped us?

Here’s statistics on what’s been changed after we started using How R U? app at InToSoft:


Last December InToSoft company introduced How R U? app at Belarus HR Brand 2016 Awards – one of the most beautiful and memorable events in Belarusian HR-industry – where we were honored with a special prize by the highly qualified jury consisting of the most famous and prominent HR specialist from all over the CIS, business and media personalities.

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