How R U? app – all-in-one tool for handling major HR issues

A totally innovative all-in-one tool for handling major HR issues. It makes communication between the administrative body and employees easier, helps build a successful team and encourages smooth on-boarding.

Project type: mobile app, web
InToSoft team: 4 specialists
Team structure: 2 Xamarin/.Net developers, QA specialist, BA
Project duration: 6 months
Technologies: Xamarin
Platforms:  iOS, Android, Windows Phone, web


The main challenge for InToSoft team was to create urgently a stable system that would save our HR Managers' time and efforts due to instant employee inflow to the company.


As a result of InToSoft company received an extremely iseful system that:

  • automates a lot of HR processes within the company;
  • increases staff’s involvement into corporate life;
  • helps to keep corporate culture up;
  • speeds up adaptation of new employees;
  • allows to use creative approach to personnel assessment;
  • helps to track employee’s mood and satisfaction;
  • makes company staff’s life easier.

You can give it a FREE try to see how we succeded:


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