• e-Learning

    Our highly dedicated and motivated professionals have significant experience in developing educational software solutions designed in accordance with best practices of the industry. Check out how we can hep you!

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  • Finance

    We have strong expertise and experience in developing solutions of any complicity for our partners. Read more about why it's so essential to go automated in this sphere and learn how we can assist you with that!

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  • Cloud Storage

    Cloud storage is an already proven way to access, store, share and back up data today. A scalable cloud storage service will provide you with comprehensive visibility and control of your resources. Let's see how we can help!

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  • Healthcare

    Ready to redefine your healthcare business? Transform your healthcare infrastructure, improve the workflow and secure all the data, from EHRs to financial reports. Don’t know how to start?

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  • Enterprise data security

    InToSoft team of dedicated professional is ready to help you with creation of your own risk-balanced enterprise data solution that would ensure leading data protection to safeguard your organization's critical data.

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  • Retail

    Retail software solutions can significantly simplify key activities saving your team's time and generating additional sales, which in its turn will increase your market share. How is it possible?

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  • Facility and Real Estate

    Need to build an application for the real estate industry that would perfectly match your unique business needs? We'd be glad to assist real estate and facility companies with challenges they have.

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  • Travel and hospitality

    The demand on travel and hospitality solutions rises as fast as technologies develop. Wi-fi access becomes one of the key helpers in any journey and trip prompting smartphone users to install at least one travel app on their device.

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  • Resource planning

      Resource management and planning requires the ability to clearly estimate demand and supply. In order to do it properly companies should have visibility into all its processes, projects and resources.

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  • Human Resources

    Since HR department is connected to every member of your team, using a proper HR management software can help the company to work smoothly. And we know what we are talking about!

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  • e-Commerce

    If you’ve been looking for a smart e-commerce solution tailored to your business needs – you’ve definitely come to the right place. See why InToSoft is the best software development company for you!

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  • Incident management

    Incidents of different severity and context may occur at any moment and can have catastrophic circumstances. That’s why it’s so important to address them quickly and effectively, to manage risks, create action plans and reports.

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