10 ingredients of a successful software project

No two software products are the same. Truly successful projects have a similar set of ingredients or technologies that leads to the main aim. We’ve prepared a list of most prominent and significant elements in order to create a successful product. Scope and deadlines are set and defined before development…

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5 TED Talks Every Software Developer Should Watch

From a 12-year-old app developer to tips on banana hacking, just have a look at these terrific techie talks that every IT professional should watch for their insight into the future of computing. And though some of them were caprtured years ago, they're still revelant and amazing! Thomas Suarez: A…

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How Magento 2.0 Can Enhance Your Online Sales

Be it a small company or a giant corporation, e-commerce development has significantly changed their style of business mode and their ways to reach out to customers and clients. Online stores help organizations connect to their customers efficiently and quickly, they also help end users to make online purchases on…

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